Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mr. Renege

Greg Hansen's got it right on this one - Some recruits have honor, some don't. What a waste of energy and resources to recruit what will probably be a "single-season" college player.
Shame on you, Jerryd Bayless. You've missed out on Lute's first lesson of life - honor yourself and be true to your word.

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jzackwildcat said...

Listen i am upset as anyone losing a stud like bayless...but lets not be nieve...the kid obviously made a mistake in verbally committing to lute so early...and to be completly honest if bayless considers himself a true pg, then I not losing sleep on his decommittment...i truely believe that nic wise will be the best pg this school has seen since jason gardner...he is a true pg who is known for his ability to make everyone around him better....look at who we got not who we dont got