Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hec-uva Dawgfight

Tenacious defense, timely offense, and a tough mindset led the Wildcats to a sweep of the Washington schools this week. Today's game against the Huskies was one for all-time, and will be in "Save until I erase" status on my DVR for some time. Hot Sauce and Mustafa stepped it up at just the right time, and if Adams isn't the PAC10 player of the week somebody better check what the voters are smoking. Then again, these Cats play much better when suitably pissed off, so what's another little dagger to the ego. And it's kinda fun to be on the OTHER end of stopping a home winning streak, isn't it? This next week rings in the New Year with the LA schools visiting McKale, with UCLA hot off a loss (at home) to Cal. What a wild way to start the conference season.

Huskies gracious in loss -- but who knows what was said behind closed doors. What's it feel like to go from being THE team to being A team, dogs?

Let's hear it for the big guy -- Kirk Walters gets the game-winning point. Somebody check the Gatorade.

What else is new?
-- Tempe starts the PAC10 season their bid for the bottom of the standings. 0-2...whatchagonnado, Rob? At least the girls can play.....

Lonely at the top -- Cats only team unbeaten after the first weekend of conference play. Guess we know who the Daddy is.

We're Number 10 -- in the latest Sagarin rankings. Washington and UCLA both drop after today's losses. Check out the strength of schedule stats, too: UA (18) UW (319) UCLA (148) Tempe, with a lofty 170th ranking in the poll, has a 228 schedule rating.

Marcus Williams goes home -- and helps shut the door on the Dawg house. Look who's smiling now.

Lute slams "Little Sisters of the Poor" -- Washington's "tough" early schedule included Morgan State, American, Idaho, Eastern Washington and Lehigh. Great idea, Lorenzo.

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