Saturday, November 12, 2005

Game Day vs UDubya

The final home game brings the Huskies to town, another lost-its-luster program searching for past respectability. With the UA nearly a 2-TD favorite, this game looks much different today than it did 2-3 weeks ago, when the Cats hadn't been Willie-sized. What a turnaround, and what a crowd is expected today. The Zona Zoo will be there in full force - and no doubt early and eager. Those seats in the South endzone are going to seem even smaller when all 50,000+ of us try to squeeze in, another gentle reminder that I need to start that diet. Today, though, let that bright AZ sun shine on the Cats, especially on the seniors who have endured the roughest of times to be a Wildcat only to bring us to the brink of the next grand era of UA football.

Cat scratch fever -- five reasons why Arizona football is hot, hot, hot. Check it out - Stoops gets a cool $90K bonus when paid attendance averages more than 45,000/season.

Kick-off return contest -- some lucky fan gets a chance to win a new Kia auto if the Cats return the opening kickoff of either half for a TD. Noone's come close yet, and wouldn't it be sweet for that to happen today? Steptoe steps in.

Bear down - dog down today.

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