Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Florida remembers Andy Lopez

This from the Floriduh:

"NCAA Did Andy Lopez No Favors
Former Gator Coach Andy Lopez led Arizona to the College World Series last year, but the chances of doing it again look pretty remote. Arizona, which has ranked in the 8-to-12 range most of the season, withdrew as a potential host site deciding not to risk losing money rather than back its program. So, not only does Arizona not host, it's not even one of the 16 number-one seeds in the event. That's a pretty clear indication the NCAA was upset with the Wildcats. But it's not the only one.
First, the NCAA gives a host spot to Arizona State, which shouldn't even be a two-seed in my view. And to add insult to Arizona's injury sent Coastal Carolina there as the top seed. If you look up absurd in the dictionary, it's bound to have the Tempe bracket listed. But the NCAA was not done giving Arizona the administrative middle finger. The committee sent 'Zona to Fullerton to be the two-seed at the home of the defending national champs.
Oh, and one last thing. Arizona will play Missouri in the first day of the tournament. The Tigers are not a great team, but they have one of the nation's best pitchers in Max Scherzer. When he's on the mound, Missouri is a top ten team. Good luck Lopes! "

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